Time to revolt against insurance

Car insurers lump good drivers in with the bad because they can't tell the difference. That's bad news for you on all counts: price, service, claims experience - the whole lot. 

At Kudo, we do things differently. If you're a good driver, give the button below a hearty tap.

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Join the car insurance revolution

Good driver?

It's a match made in heaven. Kudo exists just for you, and not the boy racers.

Get treated like the star you are

Our cover's here to look after you, not catch you out - because we know you're the real deal.

It pays to be good

Not just a great price. We keep rewarding our customers the whole time they're with us, making sure you win when we do.

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Take on the Kudo Challenge

Earn Koins while showing off how you drive over roughly two weeks


Pass with flying colours

Conquer the Kudo Challenge, and get your bespoke quote

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Find out insurance doesn't have to be as bad as you think it is

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