Frequently asked questions

The Challenge

How does it work?

The Kudo Challenge is where you get to demonstrate how good a driver you are. Over what's normally about a two-week period (though it can be more or less depending on how much you drive), you drive around as you normally would and we have a look at how you do that. You don't need to tell the app to do anything, though we'll give you Koins for driving well and feedback on bits and bobs that could be better.

When you've driven enough, and if your score's high enough, we'll drop you a notification so you can get your quote.

What if I don't pass the Challenge?

Sadly it wouldn't be a challenge if everyone passed. We unashamedly exist for safe drivers only, and so if you don't complete the Challenge then sadly we're not the company for you! At some point in the future we may allow re-takes, but at the moment sadly you only get one crack at it.

Am I guaranteed to get a quote if I pass the Challenge?

While the biggest thing we look at is how you drive, there are other things that impact your insurance profile we sadly can't ignore (or we'd go bust pretty quickly). While we're getting started, we have to be a bit careful about how risky our overall customer base is. As such, if your car's particularly pricey, or you live in a particularly high-risk area, we may not be able to quote you. In time, we'll fix that though - so everyone can benefit from proving they're a safe driver.

Can I spend Koins I earn in the Challenge?

We're very happy to dish out Koins to people while they're driving in the Challenge, but in order to spend them and win prizes, you need to be a Kudo customer first. Sounds fair, hopefully? However, any Koins you earn while taking the Challenge will roll over when you become a policyholder, so you'll get a nice little headstart.

The app

How is my driving tracked?

With some clever stuff in our app that uses parts of your phone's hardware, like the accelerometers and gyroscopes. By combining this with GPS data, we can get a pretty good feel for what sort of driver you are!

How do Koins work?

Koins are how we reward great driving (beyond cheaper and better policies). For every particularly excellent journey you drive, we award you some Koins. As you rack up Koins, you can use them to open Chests, which have a chance to contain great prizes. There are no tricks, and the prizes are real. We can afford to do this because our drivers win by driving safely, which helps us out!

I think my app got something wrong. What do I do?

Kudo's pretty good at telling good driving from bad. However, like anything, it's not always right! If you think your app's got something wrong, you can reclassify the drive and/or submit feedback on the Trip view in your app. If there's something something particularly funky going on, just drop us a message and we'll look into it for you.

Will the app use my battery/data?

Like any app that uses location services, Kudo will use a bit of battery and data. However, we've done a bit of wizardry to make sure it uses as little of each as possible - so much so that you'll find that apps like Facebook/Twitter are likely to use a lot more.

Kudo classified a trip I didn't drive as one I did, or vice versa

This will happen from time to time, particularly in the early days of using the app while it's still learning exactly how you get your car from A to B. All you need to do is tap on 'Trip feedback', and reclassify the trip so that it's right. Your score will be adjusted accordingly, and you'll be helping us more quickly understand your unique way of driving.


Will my driving continue to be tracked after I buy a policy?

Yep! That's the whole point of Kudo. We work by being like a safe driver's club, and our customers are happy to keep showing off. If that's not for you, no worries! We do know that everyone's human though, so we don't crawl all over your driving and use scare tactics to keep you in line. We make sure you get the most out of Kudo by driving safely whenever you can, so we both win.

Can I buy a policy on your website?

Nope! We're an app-only business, so fire up that App Store, amigo.

Can I buy a Kudo policy without taking the Challenge?

That's a negative, boss. We can go above and beyond for our drivers because we know for a fact we're only insuring the safe ones. In time, we might create products that let you jump into the fun right away, but for now, everyone has to pass the Challenge first.


You're new here. How do I know I can trust you?

Our policies will be backed by an A+ (Superior) rated insurer. That sounds a bit jargony, but basically means that independent experts have assessed them as being particularly secure. That, on-top of all the great regulations that insurers in the UK have to comply with, means that you can be sure we'll stand by you, and stand by what we say. We exist to raise the bar in car insurance, so we're deadly serious about surpassing your expectations.

I've got a suggestion for how you can improve. Can I give it to you (as it were)?

Please do. We think we've got a pretty good idea about what people want, but there's absolutely no substitute for hearing it from the horse's mouth. Equally, we're not shy about being told we've got things wrong. We know that'll happen occassionally and we're very happy to face up to it when it does. If you feel we've let you down, or are lacking something we should have, give us a shout and we'll work feverishly to put it right.

How do I get in touch with you?

For now, the best way is to drop us an email at, or fill out the contact form below. One of our friendly team will get back to you pronto.


How do referrals work?

There's nothing better for us than our users referring us to their friends and family because they like what we do. If you're kind enough to do that for us, we'll say thanks by popping a load of Koins in your wallet when the person you refer us to joins Kudo. If they go on to become a Kudo customer, then boy oh boy, we'll make it worth your while.

What if I break my phone?

If you've got a policy with us and you break or lose your phone, don't worry - you're all good! Just make sure to let us know by email at as soon as you can, and we'll sort you out.

You sent my friend a load of freebies for no reason. Can you do me too?

Every now and again we get carried away and dish out some goodies to our customers. There's not much rhyme or reason behind why, when, and to whom we do that - so you'll just have to keep your fingers crossed, amigo.

Will England ever win the Football World Cup again?

We're no prophets, but it certainly seems safe to say one thing - maybe