Making a claim

It's what your insurance is here for, so if you have to make a claim, it should be easy. 
Here's how it will work at Kudo
Some good-to-knows
The sooner the better with making claims, but make sure you're stopped and safe before firing up your app
If you've opted for a voluntary excess, you may need to pay this amount when making a claim
If your car's only going to be off the road for a day or two, and you prefer, we'll cover your cabs - instead of sending a replacement vehicle (if you're covered)
If you've got a cracked or broken windscreen, we'll handle that a little differently - check the FAQs if you want to know more.
You need to make a claim - nightmare
When you can (i.e. not at the wheel), open the Claims section in-app
Follow the process, taking information however suits you best
Submit your claim, and we'll get right on it 
We'll assign you a member of our team to help you through the rest of the process, and you'll be able to keep an eye on the progress of your claim in-app
We'll get you and your wheels back on the road as soon as possible

*As is set-out elsewhere, Kudo is not yet able to sell insurance policies, and, as such, any description of the Claims process is hypothetical and liable to change as and when Kudo is able to sell insurance policies. 

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