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Accessibility policy


We want our website visitors and our customers to be able to understand and benefit from their insurance, so we do everything we can to adapt to what you might need. 


If you don’t use a mouse or you have screen reader software, you can use our website using keyboard shortcuts. Our links are explained in full to help you find what you need, and we use alt text to describe our images. 


Our website is written in language designed for the average reading level in the UK, and it’s built to work with screen readers and accessibility settings. 


If you have any feedback or comments regarding our website accessibility, let us know atโ€ฏ


Accessible documents 

If you need any of our documents in braille, large font or audio, please get in touch and we’ll send them to you. Get in touch


Customising this website to suit you 

You can change font size and page zoom in your browser settings. Check accessibility support for Safari,โ€ฏChrome,โ€ฏMicrosoft Edge,โ€ฏand Firefox



This document was last updated on 1st September 2022. 

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