We didn't like how car insurance worked, so we became a car insurer
We didn't want to be an insurance company

We set out in 2017 to provide a central portal for drivers to prove how good they are, and get better quotes from insurers who could pick the best ones, whilst giving consumers transparency and the tools to get better value. We were known as YouToggle then! 

After a few trials, it turned out insurers weren't that keen on not being able to subsidise bad drivers with the good...

We became an insurance company... it wasn't easy

Once we realised that we couldn't deliver the change we wanted as an intermediary, we decided to become an insurer ourselves. 

It turns out that's really quite tricky. However, in 2019 we got there, and now we're getting started. 

Insurance is broken, we want to fix it

No one loves their insurer, and buying insurance is a grudge purchase. There are some really good reasons for that: a lack of transparency, trust, value, arbitrary fees, and poor customer service. Our goal is to fix that, and prove that the industry can do better.

We sincerely believe in fairness

Too many consumers get caught out by T&Cs they weren't aware of, or policy rules buried in reems of documentation. Our policies are far from standard, and we're completely upfront about that before you buy from us. If how we work isn't for you, that's okay!

Modern customer service

Customer service in insurance isn't good enough. We've built our business around fixing this: no more waiting to speak to call centres! Make whatever changes you need to in-app, and chat to our team however you want - we're here to help. 

Help us get better!

We're just getting started, and we know we're far from perfect. Our ultimate aspiration is to build the first car insurance company people want to rave about, and we need your help to do that! We'll always welcome feedback, good or bad.

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