How it works

All good things come to those who.... drive safely


You deserve better

To discover better car insurance, take on the Challenge. 

Rubbish drivers need not apply.

Coming Spring 2021

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Take on the Kudo Challenge

Earn Koins while showing off how you drive over a roughly two week period

Pass with flying colours

If you conquer the Kudo Challenge, get a great quote that reflects how good a driver you are


Join the club and find out insurance doesn't have to be as bad as you think it is

Why Kudo

Because you're good

Wherever you go, good drivers suffer the burden of

subsidising bad drivers. 

There's a simple reason for this. Insurers can't tell

the difference between the two. 

Kudo's different. We let you prove how good you are

before you join us, so you can reap the reward of

being in a class of your own.

And that's good for both of us

Because we don't insure bad drivers, we can do things

that other insurers can't - or won't. Things like...

No admin fees (obviously), great rewards just for driving safely, tip top customer service, and DIY policy changes

- to name but a few. 

Koins and Chests

How you win by joining Kudo

Get rewarded just for doing you

Safe drivers are less likely to need their insurance, which is great. 

To reflect that, and make it work for you, we reward safe driving and try to add a bit of fun, as well. Safe trips you drive earn you Koins, and Kudonians can use those Koins to open Chests and prizes.


What's inside? Come and find out...

 Kudo's car insurance

Coming Spring 2021

We believe in fairness, and we want you to hold us to that standard.


It's easy to say that, but harder to create an insurance product that delivers on it.


Beyond factoring in how well you drive, here are a few ways in which we've made sure Kudo does just that:


Always keep your no-claims bonus if an accident's not your fault


Keep your excess if you tell us about a claim straight away - fault or not


No caveats, no smallprint. If it's important, we'll tell you clearly


Unless there's fraud involved, we'll never use your driving data to refuse a claim


No one's perfect all the time - we don't penalise our customers for the odd slip-up

What can we help you with?