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No subsidising the bad guys, no arbitrary admin fees,

no tedious call centres, no worries.

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Find out how good a driver you really are (and how you measure up against your nearest and dearest)

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We hope! After the test period, we'll give proven safe drivers a quote that reflects how they drive

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Pause your cover, make changes for free, win rewards just for being safe - get more out of your insurance

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We know insurance can be opaque

It's frustrating when you have no idea why your price has gone up or down, or why you get a hundred very different quotes if you use price comparison sites. 

We've got nothing to hide, and will give you feedback throughout your time with us as to how you're getting on. If we give you a quote, we'll show you a breakdown of what's gone into it. If it isn't clear, just ask us to explain! 

If it looks like your price might change towards the end of a policy, we'll let you know well in advance and give you plenty of time to set things right. 

The Prize Draw

Insurance buys you peace of mind, and that's great.

It can do so much more

Safe drivers are unlikely to ever use their insurance, and it's expensive!


With Kudo you win great prizes just by driving safely.

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